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Properties ;

* Special designed red glass cover.
* Aluminium frame.
* IP 67 protection class.
* Anti-static protection covered circuit.

The SCHIRTEC LED BEACON is covered by a red colour glass and especially manufactured to show a maximum light distribution.

The SCHIRTEC LED BEACON's frame is manufactured by an injection aluminium technology.Upon it, a special kit is mounted mounted in order to facilitate the montage.

For the security purpose , the red glass cover is connected with a slim steel wire (minimum 30 cm ) to the aluminium frame firmly.

There is a microprocessor in the electronic circuit of this device which enable us to program the flashing periods.

As remarked in the above figure , there are 6 sets of LED placed in the device hexagonally.Each set consists of 8 pieces of LED totalled to 48 (6x8) pieses of LED.

With the help of them,an efficient light distribution is possible for 360 degrees.

The inside micro controller checks all the LEDs permanently and tries to find out any failure.IF any failure is located, the error LED should be lighted and the failure contact outputs will be activated.

The user is able to let this device function in 8 different modes.It is also possible to adjust every mode to fast or slow.

Characteristics of LED Directive Characteristics ( Ta=25 oC )
Relative Luminous Intensity (The view of 30 degrees )

          This data shows some typical values.





Power Supply (V)

24 V AC/V DC

36-72 V AC/V DC

220 V AC

Power Consumption


Luminescence (typical)

32 cd

Luminescence (maximum)

46 cd

Height & Diameter

206 x 135

Operating Temperature( oC )

-40 to + 85 oC

Weight (kg)